TED Hair Restoration

TED Hair Restoration

Needle + Pain-Free Hair Restoration!

Our hair is our crown. It is a focal part of our overall look and aesthetic. When we feel like we do not look our best, we internalize that and don’t feel like ourselves. Hair loss and thinning can happen in both men and women genetically and with age. While some medications can offer hair growth for all genders, it is often a struggle to get the natural hair regrowth you’re looking for. At West Coast Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer TED hair restoration. Contact us today to learn more!


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What Is TED Hair Restoration?

There are many types of hair loss, and finding the cause can be challenging. Genetics plays the most significant role in the androgenetic loss of hair. Often, there is little we can do to prevent the process from starting completely, but it is essential to begin treatments early. This helps lessen hair loss and stimulates the follicles that are shrinking. TED is an exciting procedure that uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive medications past our protective layer of skin down to the dermis and provides both needle and pain-free hair restoration. TED stands for transepidermal drug delivery; the TED hair formula contains ingredients that support optimal hair and scalp health and follicular strength.

How Does TED Work? 

TED is an ultrasound-based system with a proprietary tip engineered with Impact Delivery that offers a noninvasive, nontraumatic option to address hair loss concerns. Using acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive active components deeper into the skin allows medications to absorb. So instead of creating channels with needles or laser energy to promote hair growth, we are now creating temporary pain-free channels that will enable the medications to penetrate the skin and hair follicles even deeper. Patients have noticed less shedding during their daily routines as early as two weeks. You no longer have to wonder if your hair will ever be longer and thicker again! Connect with our team to learn more about treatments that best help you achieve your desire for hair restoration.

TED Hair Restoration Treatments in Camarillo, CA

If you are tired of dealing with excess shedding and hair loss, our West Coast Wellness & Aesthetics team has a solution for you. We offer consultations for treatments to determine the cause and help provide solutions. We welcome you to learn more about your options today. To contact us, call 805-395-2663 or fill out the form below. We look forward to meeting you!

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