Your wellness experience should be curated to your desires. Taking care of yourself starts from within, but treating your skin with tender loving care doesn’t always hurt. At West Coast Wellness & Aesthetics, we have set a standard for excellence when it comes to skincare. Having performed numerous facials over the years, we’ve refined our techniques to provide the best experience and results possible. We offer a wide variety of facials including a DiamondGlow® Facial, an Anti-Aging Facial, a Dermaplaning Facial, ZO® Express Facial, and the ZO® 3-step peel to help hydrate and brighten your skin. Contact us today; we are happy to give you the experience of a lifetime!


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Beautiful Skin With DiamondGlow®

As we age and our face starts showing, those subtle signs of lost youth look like fine lines, age spots, enlarged pores, and rough texture. DiamondGlow® is a treatment that utilizes microdermabrasion, which gently removes the stratum corneum, the dead outer protective layer of the skin. This layer of skin provides a bit of barrier protection from the sun and anything that comes into contact with the skin. Still, over time as our skin cells turn over, we accumulate excessive dead skin resulting in a dull, lackluster appearance of skin and decreased absorption and effectiveness of any skincare products. Exfoliating and buffing away the skin is the key to maintaining a healthy glowing complexion.

Experience Our ZO® Express Facial

ZO® Express Facial treatments are customized to each person’s needs and concerns, so you will qualify for the ingredients that best suit your skin. Typically, facials are created to correct signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches), improve sun-damaged skin (dark spots, rough texture, and uneven tone), and deep clean (acne and clogged pores), brighten dull and sallow skin. If this sounds enticing to you, contact us today to get started! 

Rejuvenate Your Skin Using ZO® 3-step Peel

If you like having more youthful and healthier skin, the ZO® 3-step Peel may be right for you. This in-office chemical peel treatment offers bigger, more long-lasting effects than my monthly glycolic peels. It works by aggressively exfoliating and renewing the epidermis while stimulating the dermis to produce collagen. This combined action has a firming and smoothing effect on the skin that results in a more youthful complexion.

Facial Treatments in Camarillo, CA

At West Coast Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer various services, result-driven facials, and other specialty treatments to help you reset and get back to the skin and overall health you desire. Today, connect with us in Camarillo, California, by filling out and submitting the form below or call us at 805-395-2663. We look forward to meeting you!

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